Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a natural response that we may feel during times of stress. It is often characterised by feelings of tiredness, lethargy, lack of motivation, sadness or tearfulness, lack of interest in life in general, not wanting to see people or interact, lack of appetite, or comfort eating, and so on. Sometimes depression is also often experienced alongside anxiety, anger and panic … Continue reading Hypnotherapy for Depression

Tap Dance Day

As you are almost certainly aware, the new GDPR regulations come into effect as of today. We would like to let you know that we have developed a Privacy Statement in the interests of letting you know how we handle and protect the information you give us. You can find the Privacy Statement on our … Continue reading Tap Dance Day

Supervision with Jo Welsh

I am delighted to announce that I am now offering group and individual supervision sessions for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists in Plymouth. Supervision is an opportunity for practitioners to discuss casework in a supportive and confidential environment, allowing for reflection and encouraging best practice, growth and development. Supervision is an essential part of ongoing therapeutic practice, … Continue reading Supervision with Jo Welsh

Eating Issues

Feelings of depression, anxiety and stress can play a major role in how we experience appetite. In the ‘stress response’, all bodily functions that are not necessary to our immediate survival are suppressed. This includes the immune system, reproductive system, sleep and digestive system. If we are running from a bear, for example, we do … Continue reading Eating Issues

Recognising and Dealing with Passive Aggressive Behaviour by Ann Welsh

“That’s just the way I am” - “I say what I think” – “I’m only joking with you” – “I’m really surprised you’re upset” - “Don’t be so sensitive” - “You’re overreacting” If you recognise any of the above – chances are you have experienced or are experiencing veiled insults from a person with passive … Continue reading Recognising and Dealing with Passive Aggressive Behaviour by Ann Welsh

‘New Year’s Resolutions and How To Stick To Them’ by Jo Welsh

So it’s March already. Remember those New Year’s Resolutions you made way back in January? How are those going? This year you were definitely going to get fit, start saving, give up smoking, buy a bike, and so on. Problem is of course, you’ve said this every year… And have you done any of it? … Continue reading ‘New Year’s Resolutions and How To Stick To Them’ by Jo Welsh