Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

Many people have struggled during the last year with healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Putting on weight has been an unfortunate, but often inevitable, consequence of living through a global pandemic and several lockdowns. Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a positive and effective way to regain control of your relationship with food and lifestyle choices.  Many people trying to … Continue reading Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

Are You Allowing Others To Live Your Life For You? by Ann Welsh

Do you put everyone else needs before your own because you think that everyone else’s needs are more important than yours? Do you say “Yes” as a habit because you need to feel needed?  Are you yearning for validation and approval from others?  Do you think other people will think you are lazy, uncaring, or … Continue reading Are You Allowing Others To Live Your Life For You? by Ann Welsh

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a natural response that we may feel during times of stress. It is often characterised by feelings of tiredness, lethargy, lack of motivation, sadness or tearfulness, lack of interest in life in general, not wanting to see people or interact, lack of appetite, or comfort eating, and so on. Sometimes depression is also often experienced alongside anxiety, anger and panic … Continue reading Hypnotherapy for Depression