Person-Centred Counselling is a talking therapy developed from the work of the psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers, based on the idea that each person is their own ‘best expert’.

Person-Centred Counsellors realize that every individual has the internal resources they need to fulfill their own potential. We know that to achieve our potential we need favourable conditions. If we have been denied acceptance and positive regard in the past, or if positive regard was conditional upon our behaving in certain ways, we may not have reached our true potential. We may have incorporated other people’s conditions of acceptance into our views about who we are (“I am the sort of person who is very tidy”, “I must be seen and not heard”)

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When we try to operate within these restrictions, we are not free to truly be ourselves. We are always trying to live within standards imposed by others. In therapy, you are free to explore and express your true self in an accepting and caring environment. We support you with unconditional positive regard, with empathy

and understanding, and without any imposed standards or conditions of worth. We will walk with you along a different path where your thoughts and feelings are valued and respected. In this way, you will be able to affect your own growth and change, to strengthen and expand your own identity, independent from the conditions of others. You will access your own internal resources to fulfill your highest potential and find your own way to move forward positively.

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What Can Counselling Help With?

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Counsellor – Ann Welsh

Adv Dip Couns, Reg MBACP

gbp-20Hi, I’m Ann Welsh; I qualified as a Person-Centred Counsellor in 2011. Since then I have added many studies and methods to my Counselling skills, and have had training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) amongst others. This enables me to work in integrative way from a person-centred core with whatever is best for you.

I have always worked in the ‘people’ sector, and recently had the privilege of working as a volunteer Counsellor for two years, counselling clients in a Sexual Assault referral centre. I am a Registered Member of the BACP. I also undertake and deliver CPD (Continued Professional Development) as part of my counselling practice. I have regular supervision, as is the obligation for all Counsellors.

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I feel it a unique honour to walk with clients on their path in their world and to help them gain self-respect, become empowered and find their courage within. I offer a warm, confidential relationship in a safe space to explore what feels right to the client. I am non-directive and non-advisory, believing that everyone is their own best expert.

I can help you to take your power back, in a confidential, non-judgmental, safe environment. I can help you dissolve those learned behaviours that are holding you back from allowing you to live your life to the full.

I am also a trainer, having gained a Teaching Certificate in 2010. I am passionate about sharing my learning with others in creative and supportive workshops. I have recently specialised in helping clients with weight problems explore their relationship with food / nourishment, without the need for self-abusive diets, tortuous scale hopping or traumatic tape measuring.

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Counselling Sessions

Initial Consultation FREE
Subsequent Sessions (50 mins) £35 single, or £55 couples.

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We are mindful at The Tanglewood Practice that it can sometimes be difficult attending appointments during the working day. Therefore we are pleased to be able to offer some evening and weekend appointments as well as normal working hours appointments. The number of sessions will vary for clients depending on the nature of the concern, but generally would be between 8 and 24.

It is always preferable to see clients weekly, however fortnightly appointments will be considered if that is appropriate in the circumstances.

I am fully insured by Towergate Insurance.

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‘…thank you for all your support and guidance […] I honestly couldn’t have got through the last few months without you. I’ve never once felt judged, just always supported and reassured. You honestly don’t know the positive difference you’ve made to my life.’ K, Plymouth

‘I just wanted to say thank you. The impact you’ve had on my life has been huge, the care and support unconditional. Having you in my life was a blessing.’ H, Plymouth

‘I don’t know where I would have ended up without your help. Thank you for helping me to see I’m not actually a terrible person.’ Laura, Plymouth

‘I trudged along to see Ann with a heavy heart earlier in 2016. I was very low with constant bereavements, coping with a family member with Alzheimer’s & probate matters.[…] After the 1st taster session I was intrigued by Ann’s clever take on things & ability to unpeel my thoughts & put me back together for my drive home.[…] After 8 sessions or so I was quite amazed at my transformation. I started a new job in a new town, met a fella & this year we are starting a new life together […]. Many thanks to Ann & the Tanglewood Practice – you truly are fantastic.’ Carol, Plymouth.

‘I feel so different and I know I even look different. I was deeply depressed and now I feel wonderful…’ Naomi, Plymouth

‘…thank you for taking the journey with me – I was pleasing everyone else when I first came to see you – I don’t do that anymore!’ Anthony, Plymouth

‘Without your kindness, wisdom, and understanding things might look very different for me right now. Thank you doesn’t really cover it.’ M, Plymouth

‘Finding myself redundant from a job I loved at 57 left me feeling unusually angry and low. Counselling with Ann in a caring and warm environment really helped me move forward positively.‘ Susan, 59, Plymouth

‘…you’ll never know how much of a difference you’ve made to my life. I have a future now whereas before I just existed.’ Amanda, Plymouth