Counselling for Assertiveness

Do you wish you were more assertive?  Do you have difficulty asking for your reasonable needs to be met?  Are you unsure as to whether you listen and respond appropriately?

Do you set clear boundaries? Do you accept 100% responsibility for yourself? Do you constantly apologise?  Do you behave as equal to others?

Would you like to unshackle from the handcuffs of other people’s needs and ensure that your own reasonable needs are met?  Would you like to discover how to be polite but firm when the occasion arises? How to gracefully admit mistakes without over explaining yourself or shying away?

Would you like to learn how to state from ‘I’ in order to ensure that your words are respected and your wishes expressed pleasantly.

Assertiveness can be explored in Counselling to discover the root cause for its lack or specific training can be given in this respect.

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