Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety is often defined as having some or all of the following involved:-

Constant worry / excessive worry / irrational fears / sleep difficulties / stomach problems / feelings of panic / panic attacks.

Symptoms experienced can be for instance: – sweating / feeling shivery / hot and cold sensations / palpitations / nausea / zoning out / tummy aches and pains / light headedness / difficulty swallowing.

Anxiety can transmute a feeling of challenge into a negative prediction of failure.

A little nervousness or edginess are everyday feeling and can actually help us focus in some situations; however when strong anxiety is interfering with everyday life and feelings of restlessness, chronic tiredness and irritability are constant companions it is time to seek help.

Whilst medication can be an excellent aid to help combat anxiety, sometimes the medication itself can cause anxious feeling to escalate.

Counselling can help you explore the root causes of your anxiety in a safe and comfortable space.

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