Counselling for Controlling Relationships

Are you in a relationship where the significant other person is controlling your life?

Are you the subject of manipulation; possessiveness; conditions imposed upon you?

Are you being abused either mentally / emotionally / physically / financially / sexually/ any or all of the above?

Are you being belittled; worn down; hearing constant threats either against you or emotional blackmail: suffering chronic criticism?

Are you being ‘isolated’ from family and friends; enduring implications that you are inadequate and not ‘measuring up’ to expectations?

Are you walking on eggshells; being constantly corrected; being ‘groomed’ to be unquestioning and obedient?

Are you being publicly humiliated and told it was ‘just a joke’; are you being ridiculed / put down all the time.

Is he / she ‘entitled’ to all that they want – but you have to ask permission?

If any of the above is happening within any the relationships in which you are involved, you are in a controlling relationship. Any relationship based in the above is ‘toxic’ and like all toxins – is extremely harmful to your well being.

Counselling can help you to establish what and where your support systems are; evaluate the level of your safety and help you gain the tools you need for the future once you have decided to gain or regain your own personal power.

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