Counselling for Depression

There are many forms of depression – clinical – post natal – seasonal affective disorder – bi-polar (manic depression) – and many other sub-categories within, ranging from mild, through moderate to severe.

Are you avoiding friends and social activities? Lacking in energy? Lost interest in everything? Having too much or too little sleep? Feeling sad all the time? Poor concentration? Poor memory? Overwhelmed?

Do you feel unable to cope? Are you being dismissive of and belittling your achievements? Not interested in appearance and/or hygiene?

Are you Black and White in your thinking? Are you turning everything into a disaster before it even happens?

Sometimes these feelings can evolve from one incident or they can be from something that has been felt for as long time. If you are experiencing any of the above feelings it might help to talk to someone in as safe environment where these feelings can be gently explored with you.

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