Counselling for Employment Issues

Do you only feel valued when you are doing everything? Do you feel that others can’t cope without you in the workplace? Do you believe that everyone relies on you? Do you feel you are completely indispensable? Are you a super-organised perfectionist?

Do you feel bullied either overtly or covertly? Are you feeling ‘put-upon’? Are you totally disorganised and apologetic all the time? Do you feel manipulated or coerced? Do you feel you cannot say ‘No’?

Are you putting everyone first above your reasonable needs in the workplace? Are you mistrusting of others? Do you feel unnoticed and or undervalued? Do you take ‘going the extra mile’ to extremes? Do you constantly seek and need validation for your job / career / profession?

If you recognise any of the above it may help to speak with a Counsellor and explore your core beliefs about work and your role in your current employment.

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