Counselling for Good Relationships

Are you enjoying good relationships with partner / family / friends / colleagues?

Are you relationships mutually respectful; mutually supportive; uplifting; empowering; joyful; fun; nurturing; reciprocal and evolved?

Are you energised or drained in your various relationships?

We all have different circles, groups or ‘tribes’ into which we contribute – there may be friendship circles; the family ‘tribe’; work / professional colleagues; associations / clubs etc all where there are mutual reason for ‘gathering’.

Are the people in your various groups enthusiastic and excited for you about your achievements? Do they encourage you towards your goals? Do they debate and discuss? Or are they argumentative and dismissive? Is everyone kind and considerate towards each other? Do you respect each other’s space?

Partnerships; friendships; family relationships; work / professional relationships should be mutually respectful; mutually supportive; uplifting; empowering, joyful; fun; nurturing; reciprocal: evolved and energising.

If you have relationships in your life that are negative and unpleasant and leave you feeling unhappy and drained, it is likely these relationships are ‘toxic’ and need serious evaluation.

Counselling can help you explore the various relationships in your life and help you find the place in which you feel free to make your own choices.

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