Counselling for Childhood/Historic Abuse

Emotional abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, violence, deprivation and more, all have one thing in common – the child – him or herself was powerless to stand against the abuser.

Children are manipulated, dominated, controlled and lied to by the abuser.  The abuser may initial ‘groom’ the child to trust him or her, before any abuse takes place.  The child will probably be told that he or she deserves such treatment; that it is the child’s fault; that something is wrong with the child or that the abuser ‘can’t help it’.

The abuser may treat the child like a possession rather than a person, and coerce him or her into keeping ‘secrets’ with threats of ‘punishments.

A child can never be responsible for the abuse he or she has suffered.  It is the responsibility of adults to keep a child safe and to help him or her to gain a healthy sense of the world.

Many children who have suffered childhood abuse feel guilty and ashamed.  These feeling are completely misplaced as the child did not choose to be abused.

If you have issues from traumatic childhood events that are preventing you moving forward with your life, it may be helpful to explore getting from where to you to where you would like to be with a Counsellor in a safe and comfortable environment, and at a pace that is right for you.

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