Counselling for Self-Harm

Counsellors have a duty to report serious harm to self or others under the BACP Guidelines to which all Registered Counsellors will adhere.

There are of course many forms of self-harm outside of the parameters above with which it is possible to harm the body and or finances.

All listed below are harmful and help should be sought before any self – harm becomes serious enough that further steps need to be taken:

Alcoholic abuse – this is not just a few drinks every now and then, it is regular patterns that are causes problems with relationship / friends / work / finance that need to be addressed. Alcoholics Anonymous can be contacted if desired.

Gambling – again not just the odd flutter here and there, but a compulsive need that dissolves bank accounts and causes financial hardship. Gamblers Anonymous can be contacted if desired.

Cutting, scratching, gouging and pulling out head and facial hair (i.e eyelashes) are common forms of body abusive self-harm and the compelling urge to engage in any of these should be explored in depth.

Inappropriate/ unsafe sex is extremely dangerous and help should be sought without delay from both a trained Counsellor and from a clinic that deals with possible STDs.

Non- prescription Drugs have become increasingly harmful over the decades and can be extremely dangerous. There are specific organisations that can help with drug abuse such as Narcotics Anonymous and other centres local to areas.

Ingesting anything that is unnatural or denial of nutrition is another form of self-abuse and this includes extreme diets. In the first instance your Doctor should be seen and he or she will make the decision as to the appropriate Agency to refer to.

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