Counselling for Terminal Illness

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with terminal illness, it can be a very sad and traumatic time. It may evoke all manner of difficult feelings that are hard to be with.

There will need to be discussion about the journey and the forthcoming end to that journey here. Unbearable sad topics will need to be looked into like Living Wills and a decision to resuscitate or not. There will be decision to take about medication or not, and there may be differences in what the terminally ill person desires and family desires. There will be anger and tears; feelings of being overwhelmed perhaps, and a wish to fit in as many lovely things as possible whilst it is still possible.

A mass of difficult emotions can arise and it may help to talk to a Counsellor about these feelings that you are experiencing either if it is your end journey or someone close to you, to give you extra support through these days.

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