Counselling for Weight Management

Does food dominate your life?

Have you been ‘dieting’ on and off for years with little or no effect and in some cases detrimental effect?

Have you spent a small fortune on ‘diet’ products?

Are you constantly abusing your body with ‘yo-yo’ eating?

If any of the above applies to you it will help to look at your relationship with food and nutrition in general, in a safe environment with someone non-judgmental and who can empathise with your journey.

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Food cannot be ‘good or bad’ – it is either nutritional or not.

Exploring not only what you eat and drink, but also when; why; where; and what mood you are experiencing when you either eat and drink or you deny yourself nourishment.

Why is probably the most complex question to explore.   Why put something in your body that is going to damage your health or conversely why deny yourself nutrition? There could be 101 different reasons and your reason will be unique to you – poor self-image; low self-worth; fear of unwanted attention; self-sabotaging your well-being and many others.

Exploring where you eat such as – at a table; in front of the television; at a desk; on the run; etc. – can be enlightening as to how you feel about looking after your body.

What are your core beliefs about food and drink? Were you rewarded with food , or punished with lack of food? Were the family choices to celebrate and/ or commiserate with food and drink? We all have many learned responses when it comes to food and drink. By exploring where these learned behaviours came from you will be able to choose which behaviours are serving you now, and which you wish to discard and be free from.

You can have a healthy life style Learn to love your body and enjoy a great body image without harmful body abusing diets and poor nutritional yo-yo diets.

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