Couples Counselling

Can you easily name twenty things you like about each other?
Do you listen to your partner without interruption and respect each other’s opinions, beliefs and values?
Do you make time for each other?
Do you find solutions together?
Do you make non-judgemental requests of each other?  
Do you share information?
Do you make joint decisions?
Do you find common ground?
Do you encourage each other’s goals and achievements?
Do you have healthy family boundaries (or do you let others interfere in your lives)?
Do you show affection, honesty, tolerance, kindness, appreciation and praise each other?
Are you interdependent (as opposed to co-dependent?)
Is it ‘me’ or ‘we’ that’s important in your partnership?

(Please also see Good Relationships)

If you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship with you your partner, and you both wish to make the partnership work, it may be helpful to talk with a trained professional who can help you explore your relationship.

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