Hypnotherapy for Depression

Depression is a natural response that we may feel during times of stress. It is often chracterised by feelings of tiredness, lethargy, lack of motivation, sadness, lack of interest in life in general, not wanting to see people or interact, lack of appetite, or comfort eating, and so on. Sometimes depression is also often experienced alongside anxiety, anger and panic attacks.

We call depression a ‘primitive opt out clause’. In other words, depression would have enabled us to ‘opt out’ of life in primitive times in order to keep ourselves safe from potential danger. So let’s imagine there was a bad snow storm, or a dangerous animal nearby. Our primitive ancestors would have felt an urge to stay in the cave and sleep. they would not have felt like going out, or interacting, and rightly so. This would have kept them safe until the danger had passed. Today we still feel those urges sometimes when life has become too stressful.

Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce stress levels and to effectively lift yourself out of depression. We focus on moving forward positively, taking steps towards how you want things to be in your life. Sessions are relaxing, positive and enjoyable. you will also receive a free CD to get the process started from the very beginning at your free Initial Consultation.

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