Hypnotherapy Testimonials

‘Jo has helped me far beyond my expectations.  Through her sensitive, understanding and expert approach, I now have freedom from a crippling issue with insomnia which I had suffered from for over 20 years.  In just a few sessions with Jo, my quality of life has improved incredibly.  From being constantly anxious about the issue and feeling like I couldn’t cope, I’m now sleeping soundly and feeling happy, content and full of energy.  Her treatments gave me that ‘Eureka’ moment where, for the first time ever, I understood my issue and she gave me the tools to overcome it.  I truly can’t thank her enough.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wants to improve their well-being.’ Sharon, Plymouth

‘Thank you! I am so liberated by the confidence I now feel!‘ L, Plymouth

‘Jo has changed my life, I was on the point where I couldn’t function anymore and now I can enjoy life. I learned so much and she so patiently stood by me when nothing was moving. I always felt welcome and accepted. I think that she has an excellent approach and soothing voice, and her intelligence and knowledge make her a top expert in the field.’ D, Plymouth

‘Thanks to your amazing sessions, I have achieved a classic size 12/14 (from 18/20), without the aid of detrimental diets, tortuous tape measuring, and wearisome weighing. With your help, I simply changed my relationship with food. The added bonus is that as well as wearing lovely flattering clothes (instead of ‘cover-ups’), I am so liberated by the confidence I now feel. Thank you so much.’ A, Plymouth

‘As a hypersensitive person even the good events in life affected me negatively and finally I was diagnosed with anxiety. Hypnotherapy with Jo alleviated all my symptoms in a short period. I am now a happy and confident person, equipped to deal with life and to enjoy it more than I ever have been.’ D, Plymouth

‘Jo has enabled me to see life differently, by opening a door into how exciting and fulfilling life can be, by changing my own perspective. There are no more worries, only opportunities to creatively come up with solutions […] My confidence in my own ability has increased dramatically, I am now doing things that I would not of believed that I could do. And I am looking forward to the future […] My only regret is that I didn’t meet Jo in my thirtys. Thank you so much Jo.’ Kathy, Plymouth

‘Life changing. Highly recommended!’ Gerry, Plymouth

‘I cannot thank Jo enough in helping me to regain my confidence and belief in myself. Its been a brilliant journey and one I am entirely grateful to Jo for. I am certainly more happy, positive and enjoying life so much more with my son and husband.’ Kym, Plymouth

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