The Journey to Well Being by Ann Welsh

When we have difficulties in life for whatever reason, we know that we do not want to

continue feeling the way we feel.

The goal is to feel better, to find a peaceful place within ourselves and ease the pain

of whatever is going on for us.

So we know our destination.

However, if we do not plan the journey it will take us a lot longer to get from where

we are to where we want to be. Imagine saying that we’ll visit a particular mountain

in Scotland. Without road maps and sign posts and a good idea of the direction we

wish to go in, we could travel all over Scotland and never find it. We could even be a

hairs breadth away and still miss it.

Sometimes dealing with the maps and signposts to help us through life’s journeys is

overwhelming and we need help – someone to take the journey with us – and help

us find the path that is right for our needs at the time.

The Tanglewood Practice is a warm caring environment in which to explore your

journey to well-being with experienced practitioners in both Counselling and

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