Decluttering and Weight Management – Ann Welsh

There have been several references, of late, to clutter and weight management difficulties – suggesting that there is a correlation between the two. Perhaps there is indeed a link.

Why do we keep clothes that we haven’t worn in years; DVDs that we have no intention of watching again; books that have long since served their purpose? The reason we give ourselves is often – ‘Just in case’. Just in case we can’t find the style; film; story again. If we are honest with ourselves, our clutter just gives us a false sense of security and ensures that we do not make/have room for new opportunities.

Just as hanging onto clutter appears to satisfy a ‘hunger’ for security – overeating can appear to satisfy a ‘hunger’ for comfort. Perhaps both are serving to fill an emotional emptiness.

Holding onto clutter and/or excess weight could be a yearning, a ‘hunger’, to find new meaning to our journey. Sharing a part of that journey in a safe and gentle environment can bring a different awareness into our life and be deeply beneficial in finding out what is really going on for us; what we are really ‘hungering’ for. When we embark upon such a journey we can begin to source our true and authentic self, and learn to find the confidence to allow new opportunities into our lives where the ‘hunger’ once lived.

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